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Paragliding Online Games

An Addictive Thermaling Sim And More

If you want to do some paragliding online, there's not that much out there. Paragliding will always be a relatively small sport in terms of numbers. However, I did a little scout around and here's the results...

A motley collection of online games which involve a flying canopy of some kind!

The first game is the best, since it is both nicely done graphically AND specifically about paragliding!

You can be sure some of the games below will suck you in and waste a bit of your time, don't you worry!

With extremely simple controls, there's hardly any learning curve at all. I've given each game a small review and a score out of 10, after playing it for a while.

The Games...

Thermik Online-Spiel has no English text, but is still simple enough to play first time without instructions. The key is the illustration on the first page which indicates that you need to use the Left and Right arrow-keys on your keyboard.

The game plays in 3 stages, with the object being to climb to cloud-base as fast as possible. It's easy and fun, although you have no vario - just an altitude indication in meters.

Thoroughly recommended, and definitely worth 10/10! Start paragliding online now.

Base Jumping has a hard and an easy mode, and you can progress through Leagues if you beat the other 3 jumpers in a series of jumps. The idea is to beat all the others to the ground! Sounds risky? You bet! Pull the ripcord too late and it's splat! Game over. You can also get an advantage by reacting quicker than the others to the Go signal.

Actually, despite the game-play being quite simple, this is a very cute game visually, with great graphics and smooth motion. Nothing like paragliding online, but very addictive, and I'm giving it 9/10!

Parachute Retro is entertaining in a sick kind of way! Fairly crude line graphics, hence Retro in the title, but a decent amount of complexity in the levels as they get higher. Stick figure scientists dropped from the helicopter endure terrible fates. Body parts flying from heli blades, blood on the ground, blood on the impaling poles (!) and so on. Rockets explode hapless stick figures into instant gore. Do you get the picture?

The idea is to time the drops so the scientists bounce safely off the pillows in the trailer being towed along the bottom of the screen. Of course, this gets harder each time you safely land a scientist. Also there are these bizarre clouds which come across and snag the dropped scientists from time to time, only to drop them again after a short time interval! Never knew water vapor could be so sticky!

Because of the satisfying amount and variety of action in the higher levels, and the creativity displayed, I think this game is still worth 7/10.

Online Games

The Paratrooper is pretty average in terms of game play, but I love the clouds! Some images of real clouds are used in the graphics. You have simple left/right control of the descending paratrooper, with the aim of landing on a moving boat at the bottom. Oh yes, look out for flapping birds that will send you plummeting to the waves below! The levels get harder quite suddenly when those pesky birds speed up! The jet packs you pick up on your way down allow you to move sideways at incredible speed, until they run out of juice.

All a bit odd, but hey, the kid who wrote it might have only been 13 you never know... Visually a bit crude, but addictive enough for a bit of fun. 5/10 for this one.

Hey, if you stretch your imagination to the limit, maybe you might feel you are paragliding online!

Online Games

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