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Powered Paragliding DVD Choices

If it's a powered paragliding DVD you're after, I hope I can save you some browsing time by summarizing what I found at

  • There's a fairly small selection of DVDs!
  • The more recent ones are efforts to entertain, amaze or inspire rather than educate
  • Just one DVD is in Region R format, that is 'all regions'. The others are Region 1, made for the U.S. or Canada.
  • All are single DVDs, run time varies considerably!

Some of these powered paraglider videos appear to be fantastic for opening people's eyes to the possibilities of this aerial sport.

People have always liked to own their own set of 'wheels'. Now it appears just about anyone on an average wage can aspire to owning their own 'wings' as well!

Into the Wind

Another powered paragliding DVD from 2006. This one got a few Amazon customer reviews. Three, to be exact, and they all gave it 5 stars! Let's see why... Oh, and it runs for a generous 90 minutes too! 'Into the Wind' takes us on a year long adventure, paramotoring through scenic locations in Colorado, Florida, Texas and Mexico. Much of it is shot from the pilot's point of view, putting the viewer 'in the seat'. Great material for a film festival entry. In fact, this powered paragliding DVD did get entered in the Santa Barbara International Film Festival!
Here's an attempt to summarize this DVD into 5 lines.
  • partly a travel documentary!
  • high quality cinematography with a dreamy feel
  • impressive music track
  • humor is woven into the whole production
  • follows the actual learn-to-fly experience of 2 people, over the year
That's right, although expert powered paraglider pilot Chris Page stars, 2 other people are involved. They actually learn to fly and then do a lot of flying through the scenic journey. So it's a sort of semi-instructional and entertainment DVD rolled into one. Mind you, you don't learn to fly from a DVD, that's the job of an instructor! If you have time, read the full reviews at Amazon, there's so much more to this powered paragliding DVD.

East Wind - A Powered Paragliding Adventure

Released in April 2007, this powered paragliding DVD runs for only 37 minutes so it's just as well that it's something special! A lot of people will be glad that this is a Region R DVD which can be played in any DVD region of the world. It's all about 3 paramotorists who fly the 1630 km (1010 miles) from Germany to Romania, on 'Flykes'. A flyke is a very unique aircraft, part bicycle and part powered paraglider! The idea was sparked by the inconvenience of carrying a heavy paramotor on your back, as in powered paragliding.
To get from A to B on a flyke, you can
  • pedal it, like an ordinary push bike
  • coast along with a paramotor propeller pushing you
  • FLY under a paraglider canopy, powered by the paramotor
I want one! Just 1 Amazon customer has reviewed this DVD last time I looked, whinging about the delivery time. Hopefully it was a rare slip-up. However, a couple of editorial reviews paint the picture. The journey of these 3 German pilots unfolds via a great variety of landscapes and skyscapes. During the 15 days of travel from the city of Hanover to the Black Sea, the trio found themselves...
  • pedaling down suburban leafy lanes
  • pedaling across farmers' fields
  • paramotoring down busy highways, sharing the road with large trucks
  • flying through deep valleys under a misty cloud ceiling
  • flying high and looking down over incredible cloud formations
And everywhere they went, the adventurous Germans left behind people who couldn't believe what they just saw! Hilarious stuff.

Meet Powered Paragliding

Not much earlier than the Flyke DVD, another powered paragliding DVD was released in December 2006. Directed by Jeff Goin of Airhead Creations, this one runs for a decent 62 minutes. It focusses on the 2005 PPG Convention. I presume this was held somewhere in the U.S. since the DVD is made for Region 1.
This DVD looks at the convention from 3 angles.
  • plenty of funny bits!
  • the pilots themselves, including the Russian world champion
  • the pilots' amazing low-level slow-flying skills
I bet plenty of people went home from that convention and later dreamt about piloting an armchair just meters off the ground. This powered paragliding DVD just might have a similar effect!

How to Preflight a Powered Paraglider

A slightly older DVD here, and this is one of the earlier style that are purely instructional. Run time is 42 minutes. Are you learning to do power paragliding? As everyone who has taken flying lessons knows, you don't go anywhere in any sort of aircraft before it has had its pre-flight inspection for the day. Powered paragliders are no exception, and this DVD gives expert guidelines for doing this task. Mike Masterson, a powered paraglider instructor, takes you through a detailed routine preflight inspection for powered paragliders that is easy to follow.
This informative and educational DVD covers the...
  • Propulsion Harness System
  • Wing Suspension Lines
  • Wing Canopy
  • Wing Placard
  • Radio and Helmet
  • Jon's Flight (an actual flight after the checks are completed)

Starting Powered Paragliding

Did anyone review this DVD? Yes, he was from Equador and really liked it, giving it 5 stars. However, the review was in Spanish so I can't comment further! :-) This DVD is somewhat older than all the others, being released in 2002. It's directed by Paul Hamilton who is well known with quite a number of other DVD releases in the area of paragliding, both powered and free-flight. If you are thinking of learning powered paragliding, it could be worth a look. It runs for 44 minutes.

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