Advance Epsilon 5 - 80 hours now

by Ed
(Athens, Greece)

I sold my Alpha 3 and bought a very lightly used Advance Epsilon 5 a year ago and have just completed 80 hours on it. I fly in Greece where it's pretty active in the summer and where take-offs are from fair to grim.

The immediate feel of flying the Epsilon after the Alpha was the tremendously increased flexibility and sensitivity in turns. Not alarming at all, still very comfortable but oh so smooth. A real pleasure! The wing was clearly faster than the Alpha but felt just as secure in turbulent air.

The corollary of this increased sensitivity was that I really had to go back to basic training as far as taking off was concerned. For months I was all over the place when it was windy with lots of aborts. This was because the Alpha was so easy at take-off that it hadn't told me that my technique was rubbish; but the Advance Epsilon told me straight!

After changing my technique and spending plenty of hours on the ground in the winter, learning where my C's were, and doing about 300 successful simulated take-offs, I went back to the slopes and had no more problems.

I fly the Epsilon a bit heavy, maybe 2 or 3 kilos overweight, and this shows in flight with poorer lift than my lighter fellows. But the speed is great, usually flying gently past others on similar gear. The wing is very stable in flight and responds well just to weight shift for turns with good reaction to added brakes. It goes smoothly into spirals or wing-overs and smoothly out of them.

I'm happy with my Advance Epsilon - for the next 100 or so hours anyway.

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Epsilon e5 is a advance epsilon 5 or something else?

(sorry about my careless edit - Ed had just abbreviated 'Epsilon 5' to 'E5', I'm pretty sure... T.P.)

Good read
by: Tim P.

Yes, nice post - it reads well, and there's plenty of it. Thanks Ed!

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