Advance Epsilon 6 Review

by Alex Mann
(Grindelwald, Switzerland)

After 250 high Alpine flights on an Epsilon 5, I flew an Advance Epsilon 6 the same size (28) in Grindelwald on a boisterous day just before the days' thunderstorms started. The air was getting very punchy with a mix of valley wind and easterly 'Bise' winds and dark clouds were building over the take off at 'First' (2117m).

As soon as you take off you can feel the family resemblance to the Epsilon 5; the same smooth rise and steady arrival overhead (forward start). In the air impressions are of more speed and maneuverability, the glider responding more cleanly to steering inputs.

After an hour of flying in moderate but bumpy thermals (4m/s) the glider inspired more and more confidence in its ability to resist collapses and in the way it responds to active flying with ready and swift turn initiation. Small collapses popped out automatically with no drama.

On releasing single outside A-line ears, the ears stayed tucked in and less ready to auto-inflate than on an Epsilon 5, needing a short pump to refill them.

The extra dynamics and response is a welcome update to the Epsilon 5, making the glider much more fun to fly but retaining the same safe feeling. I had an absolute ball. Buy an Advance Epsilon 6 with total confidence.

My flight experience: 3 years, 275 Alpine flights.

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by: Andreas

Hey Alex,

nice review. What starting weight did you have?


by: Tim P.

Top-notch review Alex - you have a great writing style. I guess you'll be writing for a mag sooner or later, if you haven't already!

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