Aerodyne Shaolin - The Monk

by Haakon Brenna

My first impression was speed, I think it's a fast wing with good reactions to pilot input. In turbulence the wing tips will shake a bit, but your hands weight in the brakes will keep the whole wing inflated.

The Aerodyne Shaolin is a fun wing to fly, and usually forgives you if you make mistakes. I've been flying it in winter conditions in Norway for 4 months so I have no experience with this wing in thermals, but I imagine it climbs well.

I'm pp3 with 40 hours and 200 flights. I've been flying a DHV 1 wing and I feel big difference in glide ratio.

Vids at YouTube and Google video. Paste these into your browser...

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by: Haakon

I wouldn't be surprised if the creators of the wing thought of the Shaolin monks when they made it, speed is one of their basics... I'm no monk though so I cant say for sure ;-)

Shaolin Monk?
by: Tim P.

The Monk flying a Shaolin - :-) (inspired by the Shaolin warrior monks??)

Thanks for that Haakon. Your country is full of contrasts to mine - I grew up in semi-desert!

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