Aeros Style 2 - First Impressions

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I purchased the large version of the Aeros Style 2 after CP + 7hrs on an Airwave Logic M . . . So I'm a low air-time pilot.

I took it to Alicante for it's first flights and it was so easy to launch and stay up flying on Ridge. Also easy for Thermalling for the first time. Every flight I have had has been up there with the rest compared to my old wing.

I am about 102kg all up on a weight range of 90-115kg. Only minor frustrations are the magnetic clips on the brakes which are weak and the rucksack is light hence thin and got damaged on the first airplane flight being handled on a conveyor. The rucksack has tons of space and adjustability - you can fit loads of stuff in it.

Easy weight shifting and appears to have good safety. When I was in rough air the wing easily re-inflated immediately with no worries. Most flying colleagues say the Aeros Style 2 flies fast on no brakes.


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Aeros Style 2
by: Anonymous

I'm flying on large Aeros Style2 paraglider size 29. Very good glider, easy to take off in strong wind and also in strong Spring thermaling.

Aeros Style 2 - Good handling, fast trim speed
by: Hans ecker

Hi pilots,

I own an Aeros Style 2 29 wing. It inflates very nice and straight above you, then it needs some brake input. It has a fine balanced handling. It is a great wing for towing. Also I fly the wing powered - great to take off in calm conditions. It's trimmed maybe a bit faster than other EN "B" gliders. The material seems to be strong and lasts. And it has a good price.

by: Tim P.

Thanks for sharing those first impressions etc!

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