Airwave Sport 4 - Best Wing Ever

by Jurgs
(Kingston, Jamaica)

Prior to owning the Airwave Sport 4 I had flown a Sport 2 (L) for over three years and loved it for it's speed and benign behavior in turbulent bumpy conditions. A few little asymmetrical deflations from time to time and one front deflation (accelerated) with immediate re-opening and almost no loss of altitude, is all I have experienced with it. I put it through an SIV clinic (to practice mostly asymmetric spirals - like wing-overs to the same side).

However, my wing load was a bit on the low side which made me decide for the Airwave Sport 4 in M size in 2008. This was a great decision as the Sport 4 M is a superior wing in its class (EN B). I haven't tested it to its limit, but have flown it in the Austrian Alps last summer and of course down here in Jamaica. It flies more stable than my Sport 2 L (possibly due to higher wing loading). As a matter of fact, I never had any deflations. In strong turbulent conditions when my stomach muscles tend to tighten a bit, I am so glad that I can trust this gear 100%.

The Airwave Sport 4 wing is really the best I have ever flown including other category 1-2 wings such as ProDesign Relax L, Swing Arcus L, Firebird Spider M and Sport 2 L. As with my Sport 2, I like how the wing 'talks' to me. It is unbelievable how it tends to drift right into the thermals. I though such a statement was just a marketing trick, but it is true. When flown sensibly and left alone, the Sport 4 always moves into the right directions towards a thermal.

Would buy the Airwave Sport 4 again anytime.

I am a P4 pilot and have been flying for almost ten years. I don't fly as much as I would like to, given that there is / was no flying community down here in sunny Kingston, Jamaica for many years - it's only just taking off now!

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I Agree
by: Kestrel

I got a small one almost as soon as they were available. It is quick, solid and has an excellent glide ratio. A friend (advanced pilot and instructor) tried mine and got one as an alternative to her twitchy advanced glider. It's nice to concentrate on flying without the anxiety!

Nice Ad for Airwave
by: Tim P.

Thermal-seeking wings - love that! Thanks for the good post Jurgs.

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