Asymmetric On My Rush

by Peter Cooke
(Wales, UK)

After around 8 hrs on my new/second hand Rush S. Flying in 15 - 20 mph occasionally on the speed bar not because I were gale hanging just to get moving and enjoy the speed range. The old Mojo had slow n slower.

Suddenly I felt like a micro earth quake in my speed bar. I immediately released. The Rush had an asymmetric! I stayed calm and it re-inflated very smoothly with no missing heart beats from me. I wonder if that would be so if I had not released at the first sign of the earth quake?

Later I spoke to my buddy, I had an asymmetric - he thought I had pulled it purposely! So anyone flying an S Rush keep in mind when speeding WATCH OUT FOR EARTH QUAKES!

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Speedy Deflation
by: wingnut

... gotta agree with Donald about the asymmetrical not likely caused by "mashing da bar." A full frontal would be more logical if the bar caused the deflation because of a change in the angle of attack across the whole leading edge. (Unless you press only one side of the bar, which can happen.)

... more likely a turbulent related cause ... though hitting the bar should increase wing pressure and decrease the probability of deflations (all other things being equal, which they never are).

Question: I do wonder about the wisdom of immediately letting off the bar on a asymmetrical or any deflation despite the completely understandable "Oh sh.. .. WTF" reaction.

by: Donald Andrews

Your collapse may have happened without the speed-bar or the speed-bar may have helped it along, but I don't think it was caused by it. I think too much bar would cause a full frontal - which (if you were paying attention) would be preceded by less pressure on the bar; hopefully, giving you time to back off and prevent it. My 2 cents!

by: Tim P.

Thanks for sharing that Pete! Isn't passive safety great...

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