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You're in good hands taking paragliding lessons from Big Sky Paragliding. Although not the largest paragliding school in the US, they like to think they are the best! Judging by the quality and experience of the instructors they use, they should be an excellent choice if you want to be a well-trained paraglider pilot. Their focus is on personalized training, high standards of safety and enjoyment of the sport. Of course!

USHPA (United States Hang-gliding and Paragliding Association) administers the sport of paragliding in the US. All Big Sky instructors are USHPA approved.

Big Sky Paragliding has been around for quite a while, having originated in Montana during 1990. The shift to Salt Lake City in Utah occurred in 1998. Not surprisingly, initial training is provided at the very well known Point of the Mountain site. If you see POM mentioned in blogs, forums and so on, now you know what it stands for! The POM paragliding site has a superb training slope and predictable weather for a minimum of missed flying days.

For more advanced pilots wishing to extend their skills in other areas, tours are conducted at some great sites around the world. Places such as India, Nepal, Brazil and Mexico. And of course Europe, that's where it all started, in magnificent Alpine conditions.

In common with many other top schools, Big Sky sells and repairs all types of paragliding gear. That includes new and used paragliders. It pays to talk to an instructor who has followed your progress for a while before splashing out on any new gear.

The fact that Big Sky are affiliated with the SuperFly Paragliding Academy might not mean much to you, but two things are worth considering.

  • Easy access to the best available paragliding equipment in the US and
  • Access to some of the most experienced repair people in the business should your canopy or other gear suffer any wear and tear.


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