The Big Big Thermal

OK paragliding kids, time for a story about The Big Big Thermal!

Here we are! says Dirk.

Yes, says Flora. We are at the nice big ridge near Owen's Valley!

Are you going to fly high today, Dirk?

Yes Flora! says Dirk.

It's very very hot. I will catch a big wide thermal!

Ooooh says Flora! The little hand is on the number one! Just right!

Yes says Dirk, help me lay out the paraglider.

See Dirk inflate the paraglider!

Run Dirk Run!

Wheeeeee! There goes Dirk, out into the valley.

Oooh says Dirk. It's really bumpy out here!

Rustle rustle.

Rustle rustle rustle goes the paraglider canopy!

Beep beep! goes the variometer.

Beep beep beep!

Ohhh says Dirk, why is half my wing all twisted?

See Dirk look up, again and again!

Oooooh look! Dirk's wing looks like Mummy's pile of washing!

See Dirk cartwheel through the sky.

Dirk is a puppet on a string!

See Dirk fumble for the Reserve!

Wheeeeeee! Says Flora.

I can see Dirk's Reserve Parachute Deployment!

See the parachute open.

Down floats Dirk.

Down and down and down.

Float float float.

See Flora hop into the car with Daddy to go pick up Dirk.

Please Daddy, can you read another story?


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