Build own paraglider?

A Tongue-in-Cheek Look At Paraglider Construction!

Well, it's possible to 'build own paraglider'. But its pretty hard to find a paraglider kit or a set of paraglider plans these days.

So you have to admire the small number of enterprising companies on the web that have made it possible to make your own paraglider.

And dirt cheap at that.

Let's look at a few now...

Knitted Paragliders

Oragami Paragliders

Wearable Paragliders

Silken Paragliders

Seriously, Folks...

Really, trying to look up some paragliding blueprints or free paragliding plans and piecing something together in the back shed is a ridiculous idea in this day and age.

In the following paragraph I have re-expressed a statement from a popular paragliding website...

Don't try to design and construct a paraglider. They might look simple, however they are complex aerodynamic devices that have been under continuous development for more than 30 years. The designers are very highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals. Although it might seem like a great idea to build your own paraglider, actually doing this will result in injury or death!

Yep, sorry folks but actually designing and constructing an airworthy paraglider is way beyond you or me. No longer are we in the days where the going rule was 'don't fly any higher than you are prepared to fall'! Not only this, but are you happy to sit down and put the required 13000 or so stitches?

If you search hard, you will find some junk webpage content on 'build own paraglider' that is program-generated. It's done with so-called 'scraper software' and is just trying to pull some web traffic in. You might find the occasional guy trying to make an R/C model paraglider.

And finally, you might spot a professional designer who has released some paraglider blueprints for general interest, or maybe for his designer friends. But no way could anybody else safely make a paraglider from them!

P.S. To the owner of the fictitious, which I naturally tried to visit :-), thanks for the inspiration!


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