Flat Spin

by Pete
(Wales, UK)

I was soaring the ridge then faced with someone not abiding by ridge rules. Hard 360, to be faced with another wing heading my way.

Bit more inside brake into venturi air-flow and my Ozone Rush flat spins. I've almost reached full 360 spin. I released and my left side wing recovers. My right side wing wants to wrap around! I brake right - it opens then goes mushy.

My risers are getting near to each other so I separate them and I hit the deck! Luckily I land on the slope which cushioned the blow. I'm one lucky bugger!

I immediately re-inflate my Rush and fly for 10 minutes then top land. I wonder how many lives I got left LOL.

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Defensive Flying
by: Kestrel

In Robert Mason's book "Chicken Hawk," he notes that his instructor assumes that all his students are trying to kill him.

When Mason swerves the helicopter toward high-voltage lines the ever-vigilant instructor says "got-it" before the aircraft even moves! I think that's how to fly in ridge traffic.

Bit of excitement...
by: Tim P.

Low-time pilot in the other wing? Glad you got out of the situation OK. Enough excitement for 1 day's flying hey... Thanks for writing.

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