Gin Bolero - Stability Plus

by Tangles

The Gin Bolero 3 is an ideal wing for not only for beginners, but through to advanced intermediates as well. It's stable in sudden rising air, forgiving and requires no attention in order to self correct. The glide ratio of 8:1 isn't bad for an entry level canopy. I've seen a student thermal one of these paragliders without a problem.

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by: Tim P.

Some interesting names coming through here recently. The other week it was a guy (I presume) called Kestrel, now a bloke called Tangles... :-)

Thanks for the tip Tangles, newbies with thermalling ambitions will be interested to read what you had to say. The people at Gin Gliders won't mind either ;-)

(Appreciate the contribution, only reason I gave it 3 stars was it was a bit on the short side)

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