Gin Bolero Plus Paraglider

The Gin Bolero Plus has been around since 2003, and belongs in the easy-to-fly category.

An improvement over the previous Bolero, it has a DHV rating of 1, and also an ACPUL rating of Standard. Hence, it deserves the description of its flying characteristics as 'extremely safe'. As you might be aware, the DHV rating system has been recently updated to be even more stringent than before.

The Bolero Plus has been 18 months in development. According to Gin, the Plus has a flatter turn with a better sink rate than the previous model. Apparently Gin Seok himself has flown and tweaked the prototypes of these paragliders for hundreds of hours to get the design concept exactly as he had in mind.


The canopy is a 37-cell design made from Porcher New Skytex fabric. The Bolero is now treated with a new finish which results in some improvements over the previous model. Namely, slightly higher performance, lower weight and making the fabric more durable. Weight reduction is always helpful for launch characteristics. It's also good for faster recoveries from partial deflations of the canopy during flight.

In keeping with the latest trends, the Gin Bolero Plus has only 3 A-lines. The cascaded-line approach helps keep line drag to a minimum, giving a slightly flatter glide. Why drag dozens of full-length lines through the air when 3 will do!

Specs for Medium-sized Version

take-off weight incl. glider 80-105 kg (176-231 lbs)
wing area (flat) 28.20 m² (304 ft²)
wing area (projected) 25.60 m² (276 ft²)
wing span (flat) 11.80 m (38.7 ft)
wing span (projected) 9.93 m (32.6 ft)
aspect ratio (flat) 4.93
aspect ratio (projected) 3.85
min sink 1.3 m/s (256 fpm, 4.7 kph, 2.5 knts)
best glide ratio 7.5:1
speed min (mid weight range) 23 kph (14 mph, 12 knts)
speed trim (mid weight range) 36 kph (22 mph, 19 knts)
speed max (mid weight range) 45 kph (28 mph, 24 knts)
  • Chord at root 3.02 m (9.9 ft)
  • Chord at tip 0.64 m (2.1 ft)
  • Total height 7.10 m (23.3 ft)
  • Glider-only weight 5.7 kg (12.5 lbs)


I'll just summarize a few relevant lines from the official DHV report for the Bolero Plus from Gin. The report judges the paraglider at minimum and maximum flying weight. Just to keep things a bit simpler, I will combine or average those results to represent the middle of the range.

  • take off handling: easy
  • roll damping: average/high
  • control travel: high
  • agility: average/high
  • spiral dive entry: easy
  • spiral dive exit: spontaneous
  • landing behavior: easy


Gin has creatively named its color schemes for this glider! The available colors are:

  • fuel (blue with white leading edge)
  • rocks (silver with red leading edge)
  • sun (yellow with silver leading edge)
  • sunset (orange with gray leading edge)


Looking around at the online stores, around US$3200 seems to be the going price for a new Gin Bolero Plus.

In the U.K., they are looking for about 1800 pounds.

Other Comments

An owner's manual for the Gin Bolero Plus is downloadable from the Gin Paragliders website.


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