Gin Tribe M/L

by Bradley
(Anchorage, AK, USA)

6 yrs
Flown 5 different wings

Launch - easy - the Gin Tribe stops without over-shoot, controls are very effective.

Ridge soaring flight - turns tight and flat very little altitude loss when changing directions.

Wing very talkative allows me to stay close on the ridge, I could feel every puff of lift or sink. Soon isolated the most active area of lift. Climbed above the ridge to begin turning in wind assisted thermals. Pushed out into the core 350ft above the ridge, centered up and used toggles with very little weight shift to keep the wing flat. Managed to follow the lift as it moved around the ridge and maintain position.

Left the ridge to test how the Gin Tribe responds to collapses...

Asymmetric collapses - 50% weight shift only to maintain straight flight.

Full frontal - returned to normal flight without speed A's.

Full frontal on full bar - return to normal flight very little over shoot.

Big Ears - required pumping out.

Landing carried speed as I normally do on my Rebel the glide across the LZ, glide flat crossed the entire LZ on the first landing.

Trim speed equal to my Rebel - full bar, not as fast as my Rebel.

Half bar is optimal - flat glide, solid speed as good as Rebel or the Aspen 2.

Overall, the Gin Tribe is very nice to fly, very comforting.

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Update on the Tribe M/L
by: Bradley

I am still flying the Tribe it is the most reliable wing I have flown in the last 2 years. Solid, easy to fly and safe just as sold. I have several Rat Races on it with climbs at 1450 ft per min. and a 230 ft per min. save at Dark Hollow to complete the task second into goal at Donato's. That was one task a great work horse.

Not as fast as most wings now-a-days but the confidence to ride it up in strong lift and milk weak lift makes it a great wing for cross country work. If you can find one in great shape and a good deal it is the ideal wing to step up to an EN C. Fly it hard to build your skill and confidence before stepping up to the new EN C which is a much larger step than it was a few years ago.

I have flown the Delta, and the Artik. I preferred the Artik. I have been chomping at the bit to fly the Aspen 4 after flying with one of our local pilots flying his. Maybe I can get some time on it.

But now I am sitting here waiting for the EN C from Gin. While I must admit to being partial to Gin, I am not locked in. My choice in wings is more about the feel than the numbers. If I am going to spend all my time worrying about the wing I can't imagine that it will be fun and if it isn't fun why fly.

If Gin ever delivers a new ENn C or I get to fly the Aspen 4 to fly either I will post my thoughts.

Great post
by: Tim P

Thanks for that info-packed post on the Gin Tribe. Pilots will appreciate the detail.

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