Gin Zulu - Stable But Slow

by Eric
(Dallas, TX)

I'm a PH-2 pilot and have a '06 Large Gin Zulu DHV 1-2. Before that I was using an older Willis Wings. When using the Zulu I noticed that the wing was very slow at responding, and it felt kind of heavy.

At that time I was a fairly new pilot so it worked good for me because I had time to think about my movements. Moreover, I observed that the wing seemed quite more stable than the WW I was previously using. The center of the wing has larger openings than the rest of the cells on the canopy. Gin claims that this is used for more stability.

On top of that I think that it also helps pilots without varios; larger opening in the center seem to convey better that jump feeling to the pilot when entering a thermal.

I think the Gin Zulu is a pretty good wing for a novice pilot. Well, these were my two cents worth of thought.

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by: Tim P.

Thanks for your thoughts Eric. Any other Gin pilots care to comment?

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