Gradient Aspen 3 Review

by Peter Waller

I have just spent the day test flying the Gradient Aspen 3 at our local coastal site in Somerset, UK. I have been flying paragliders for 15 years and most of that on DHV 2 from the Himalayas to Guatemala so it was with high hopes I got to fly the Aspen 3.

I had the Aspen 1 for several years and that was the best wing I have ever flown and I currently fly the Ozone Addict Race.

The Gradient Aspen 3 was as expected. GREAT! B line stall was a bit "hairy" and full speed bar produces wing tip oscillation and concertina movement. However, I can live with that because it's a brilliant climbing, flying machine! It's the Aspen 1 but without the nervousness.

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by: Paul

B-Line "hairy"? Sorry but I don't experience that. B-Line is text book, no problem...

Aspen 3 Review
by: Tim P.

Thanks Peter for that enthusiastic review!

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