Great Beginner Wing, Responsive

by Pyotr
(Long Island, NY, USA)

I'm flying this one on Ridge Soaring and sometimes with a motor (yes, to go up from the island without hills). I love it. It feels very stable and safe. Small rotors and “in and out from thermals” doesn’t affect it much, no more than a little jolt.

I never have even 10% collapse on this one (20hrs so far, minor collapses I didn't even recognize - just a small puff). Great beginner but fast flying wing.

Weight-shift and brakes gives really sharp turns. Takeoff and landings are alike on beginner wing, smooth and easy. Prime leisure wing. Will keep it for sure! :)

P.S. My max speed on it is 12-15Mph no wind - with no input (no speed-bar).

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