Harness - Skyline Pure - my experience

by Steve

My very 1st harness - flying in it about 5 years now

positives: in the air
comfortable - I've done a few 2 hour+ flights
reserve - side pocket, easy to find
adjustable - multi-positions
control - adjusted properly, very responsive

- sharp edges behind the knee
- accelerator not secured, always in the way when on the ground
- design fault! reserve has dropped out 3 times. Now fly with the shims held in place with cotton thread

It's been back to the skyline workshop... nothing the guys can do

Couple of notes...
* yes, it's the right size for me
* accelerator is shortened with cinches - still a pain
* fix on reserve release check & OK'd by the workshop

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by: Kestrel

The reserve problem should dissuade anyone and everyone from using this harness. I wonder how many reserves have self-deployed at low altitude and caught on brush or trees. Even at high altitude an accidental deployment over unfriendly terrain could result in serious injury.

by: Tim P.

Thanks for sharing your experiences - someone out there is sure to find it useful. Anyone else care to share their thoughts on their current harness?

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