Hurry Hurry, Flora!

OK paragliding kids, time for a story called Hurry Hurry, Flora!

See Dirk put down the phone.

Dirk was talking to Mr Weather Man.

Quick! says Dirk to Flora.

Quick! Quick! The Sou-westerly is weakening!

I haven't flown for 4 days! Says Flora.

Oh no! Deary me!

Look at Dirk.

Look at Flora.

Dirk and Flora are in a rush.

Rush rush rush!

See Dirk grab the helmet and the paraglider stuff bag.

See Flora grab the hook knife and her harness.

Please Daddy! Drive really fast! Please!

See Dirk and Flora and Daddy drive to the coastal slope soaring site.

See Daddy's 4-wheel drift into the parking area.


Cough cough.

Ooooh says Flora. See all the dust!

Cough cough cough!

Hurry! says Flora. Help me into this harness.

Hurry hurry hurry!

See Dirk pull out the paraglider wing and drop it on the ground.

See Dirk trip on the lines.

Hurry hurry hurry!

Flora is buckled up!

See Flora start her forward inflation!


Run Flora run!

See Flora glance back at the canopy, rising up behind her.

Looks good to me! says Flora. I must launch right now!

See Flora leave the ground.

See her Poorly Inflated Launch.

See Flora lurch to one side.

Flora's canopy is sort of funny!

Something is not quite right!

Look out Flora!

See Flora knock over Daddy.

See Flora get dragged over the big scratchy bush near the launch.


Silly Flora.

Please Daddy, can you read another story?


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