Icaro Cyber 4 Paraglider

Specs, test data and other useful information on the Icaro Cyber 4.

The Icaro Cyber 4 paraglider canopy.
Close-up of the Cyber 4 paraglider canopy.
(Source: para2000.org)

Year of Manufacture 2009
Certification LTF-1 / EN A
Size M

Ever Flown This Wing?

If so, feel free to share anything you like about the experience here. What were your first impressions?

Please state your experience level, just to put your comments in perspective.

For example, you might be a low-time pilot flying a new wing for the first time and loving it!


Note: These international prices for the Icaro Cyber 4 paraglider are only a guide. They are May 2009 currency conversions from the 2009 price in Euros.
Euros 2800 EUR
U.S. Dollars 3700 USD
United Kingdom Pounds 2500 GBP
Australian Dollars 5000 AUD
South African Rand 31100 ZAR
Indian Rupees 185000 INR
South Korean Won 4750000 KRW

Some Specs

pilot take-off weight 85-105 kg (188-232 lbs)
wing weight 6.3 kg (13.9 lbs)
wing area (flat) 28.1 m² (302 ft²)
wing area (projected) 23.8 m² (256 ft²)
wing span (flat) 11.6 m (38 ft)
wing span (projected) 9.8 m (32 ft)
aspect ratio (flat) 4.8
aspect ratio (projected) 4.0
min sink (unavailable)
best glide ratio (unavailable)
speed min (unavailable)
speed trim (unavailable)
speed max (unavailable)

Some LTF Test Results

inflation evenly, immediately
rising behaviour immediately comes over pilot
take off handling easy
roll damping high
control travel high
agility average
front collapse opening behaviour spontaneous, quickly
asymm. collapse course change 90 - 180 degrees
asymm. collapse loss of altitude slight
asymm. collapse opening behaviour spontaneous
spiral dive entry easy
spiral dive exit turn continues through < 180 degrees
B-line stall entry easy
B-line stall recovery spontaneous
big ears entry easy
big ears recovery spontaneous, quickly
landing behavior easy
All the above were recorded when this Icaro paraglider was flown at max weight.

Color Schemes

The simple graphics below represent the available color schemes for the Cyber 4. Colors are only approximate, and so is the outline of the wing. But it gives you some idea.
name upper lower


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