The Big Wide Landing Zone

OK paragliding kids, time for a story about The Big Wide Landing Zone!

Hurrah! says Flora.

Hooray! says Dirk.

Mummy is taking us to the new Towing Field.

Daddy is resting in the nice hospital.

(Webmaster's Note: See the Hurry Hurry story)

The new towing field is very big.

The launch area is very big.

The Landing Zone is big and wide!

See the car pull up at the field.

See Dirk and Flora hop out of the car.

We are doing Spot Landings today!

Yay! Yippee!

Fun fun fun!

Pick a spot, on approach, and land on it!

We will have lots of fun!

Who will be first?

I want to be first! says Flora.

No, I want to be first! says Dirk.

Now now children, what do we do now? Hmmm? says Mummy.

Ok! say Dirk and Flora.

Let's play Scissors Paper Rock.

1, 2, 3!

Paper wraps up rock! Dirk wins!

See Dirk lay out his paraglider wing.

See Dirk hitch up to the tow-line.

Run Dirk Run!

Wheeeeeeee! Up and up and up he goes!


Good launch Dirk.

See Dirk turn.

See Dirk fly down and down.

Here comes Dirk!

Mmm says Dirk. Maybe that old hub-cap over there.

Or maybe the little rock next to the little bush.

Where shall I land?

Mmmmm. Mmmmmm.

I know. I can see the flat old milk carton on the ground.

Getting closer.

Closer and closer.

Wheeee! Nearly time to think about flaring.

Mmmmm. The hub-cap is much closer to Flora.

I will impress Flora. I will land on the hub-cap!

I will land on it like a bird.

Hop hop. Just like a little birdy! says Dirk.

Just need to turn a bit.

A bit more.

Oooops. Too far.

Have to turn all the way back now.

See Dirk Turning in the Landing Zone.

A bit more, and I'm all lined up with the...


The ground is close!

The ground is really really close!

Flare Dirk flare!

BUMP bump splat bump.

Ouch! says Dirk.

I really messed up that landing!

Please Daddy, can you read another story?


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