My new AirDesign Vita

by Tomasz

I am an entry level pilot, and I bought an AirDesign Vita to do safely my first XC flights. Having flown at school a Dudek Elf some years ago, I started flying again on a Niviuk Koyot. That was after a long break for a few months.

I just got my own wing from Air Design. These are my first impressions after 6 flights:

Strengths of the AirDesign Vita:

- Takeoff extremely easy. Comes immediately up and stays there, you don't need to do almost anything. I got an impression it's nailed to the sky.

- Behavior in thermals and on the ridge. Good feel of moving air around the wing, it rises very nice in turns, gives a good feel. I didn't feel like I was flying a school glider, it moves a bit and plays with.

- It must have quite a nice glide ratio at low speed. I overshot by about 20 meters the first landing.

- The rucksack is nice.

Doubts about the AirDesign Vita:

- I find white fabrics nice, but difficult to keep optically clean. That Korean thin stuff atracts every living creature on the meadow :P

- Steering reqires a bit of strength and has long ways, but it's precise and predictable. After landing it stayed up and I could not stall it :P

In general I love it. It's safe and I still feel its flying- its 1-2, not just 1. I notice it's telling me something, not just going down the hill.

For the first flights I would find the AirDesign Vita good for aware and active students.

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by: Kestrel

The Vita would seem be an excellent wing for the new pilot needing an extra-small which have the reputation of being a little "hotter" than the same wing in a medium or large. Just a thought.

Good post
by: Tim P.

Thanks for taking the time to list all your impressions of the Vita! Good post.

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