The Nasty Cross-Wind

OK paragliding kids, time for a story about The Nasty Cross-Wind!

Here we are! says Dirk.

Yes! says Flora, We are at the Ridge Site!

Help me inflate the paraglider Flora! says Dirk.

Oh no! The nasty man says the wind is too far to the North!

Don't worry about the nasty man, says Dirk.

Watch Dirk walk towards the edge.

Run Dirk run!

Wheee! See him fly away.

See Dirk suffer an Asymmetric Deflation!

See him turn towards the slope.

Silly Dirk.

Dirk is as white as a ghost!

Wheeee! See Dirk just miss the big rocky outcrop!

Oooooh! Dirk said a naughty word!

I'm telling on you Dirk! says Flora.

Please Daddy, can you read another story?


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