The Naughty Winch Man

OK paragliding kids, time for a story about The Naughty Winch Man!

What's the matter Dirk? says Flora.

There's no wind! says Dirk. I want to fly!

Don't worry, says Flora. Daddy will take us to the Towing Field!

Yay! Says Dirk. Let's go paraglider towing!

See Dirk and Flora pick up the paraglider stuff bag.

See Daddy drive them off to the Towing Field.

See Flerf go mental in the back. Who let Flerf in, Daddy?

Here we are! says Flora. The towing field is very very big.

Look! Mr Winch Man has laid out the towline!

Do you remember your towing lessons Dirk?

Yes! says Dirk. Hook me up Flora! Let's go!

Vrrm! Vrrrrrm! goes the winch.

See Mr Winch Man taking up slack.

See Dirk walk.

See Dirk run.

Run Dirk run!

Wheeeeee! Up goes Dirk, nice and straight.

Up and up and up!


See Mr Winch man talking to the nice observer.

Miss Observer is very very nice.

Mr Winch man doesn't see Dirk turn a little bit.

Mr Winch Man doesn't see Dirk going up way too fast.

Naughty Winch Man.

Naughty naughty Mr Winch Man!

See Dirk try to correct his heading!

Oh no Dirk! Why are you going all crooked? asks Flora.

Miioow says Flerf.

Shut up Flerf, Dirk is experiencing paraglider tow lockout says Dora.

Poor Dirk.

See Dirk flying sideways now.


See Mr Winch Man throttle back.

See Dirk release the tow-line.

Ooooooh says Flora to Flerf. Did you hear Dirk say that naughty word again?

See Dirk land close to the winch.

Look out Mr Winch Man!

Run Mr Winch Man run!

Dirk is very angry!

Please Daddy, can you read another story?


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