The New P2 Pilot

OK paragliding kids, time for a story about The New P2 Pilot!

Yay! Says Dirk. Yay! Yippee!

Dirk is happy.

Dirk is very happy.

Dirk has got his P2 rating!

Let's go flying Flora! says Dirk.

OK says Flora, Let's go down to the towing field.

Woof! says Nup. Woof woof woof!

Ok Nup, you can come too! says Dirk.

See Dirk and Flora and Nup arrive at the towing field.

See Dirk hook up.

See Dirk turn on his radio to talk to Flora.

Up goes Dirk!

Up and up and up!

Nice launch Dirk! says Flora.

What will you do now?

Watch me Flora, I'm going to do some aerobatics, says Dirk.

I'm really really good now, I'm a P2!

Ooooh goody says Flora, let me see!

Woof says Nup. Woof woof!

See Dirk build up speed.

See Dirk pull the brake toggle.

See Dirk execute a Poorly Timed Aerobatic Maneuver. Wheeeee!

See Dirk wobble around the sky!

More and more and more.

Wobble wobble wobble.

Ooooooooh says Flora, your wing has gone all funny!

Where are you Nup? asks Flora.

Nup has hidden under the car.

Whimper whimper says Nup.

Flora looks up into the sky.

Ooooooooh says Flora. Nice spiral dive Dirk!

Round and round he goes.

Round and round and round and...


Ouch! says Dirk. I bumped into the ground!

It's ok Dirk, I'll ask Mummy for a band-aid! says Flora.

I'm not doing that again, says Dirk.


Please Daddy, can you read another story?


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