Ozone Buzz - Make Your Own Stirrup

by Joe
(Murrieta, Calif, U.S.A)

O.K. so you want a stirrup but don't want to spend $49.99 Here's what you'll need...

1) 18 inch bungy cord.
2) 0.5 inch PVC scd 40 pipe.
3) wire cutters and a saw.
4) 3 or 4 zip ties.

Take your bungy cord and cut the thin wire that holds the bended end of the bungy off.

Now slide the hooked end off.

Now cut the .5 inch PVC into 1 or 1.5 inch segments and slide about 18 or 20 or so down the length of the bungy.

Slide the hook back into place and re-bend the bungy and use some zip ties to hold the bent end together.

Now slide the hooks into place onto your harness and crimp the ends of the hooks to prevent the stirrup from coming off of your harness while running or in flight.

Hope this helps. Mine worked out great this week!

Joseph Webster

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Not a wing review, but...
by: Tim P.

Thanks for that Joe. Don't take my 3 stars to heart, it just reflects the fact your post is a little off-topic! :-) I publish kite-making instructions, and I know it takes a bit of effort to express a process as a clear set of instructions.

It will be interesting to see if others take up your idea, or what they think about it. Comments anyone?

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