Ozone Buzz Z - Feeling Secure!

by Richard Lucero
(Forest Grove, OR, USA)

I recently bought a new Ozone Buzz Z in medium large and believe this is the perfect wing for me. I have been flying since 1997 and own two wings from that year, an Edel Atlas (DHV 1/2) and a Nova Axon (DHV 2). I bought the Axon in 1999 and began flying it most of the time. When I finally decided to buy a more modern wing, I demoed the Ozone Rush 2 in medium and the Ozone Buzz Z in ML.

I think what sold me on the Buzz Z was its launching capability, the way it just softly inflated and rose over my head, waiting for me to run aggressively. I also liked the idea of a wing that splits the medium range into small and large because I now fit into a smaller range and am more dialed into this.

But best of all, is the way it feels in turbulence and trashy air. This is rock solid and you get the feel of a very stable and secure wing. The instructor who sold me this wing told me that if you want to maximize your flying experience and become every bit the pilot you want to be, you cannot do this with a wing that does not make you feel comfortable, and he was absolutely right.

I now have a wing that makes me feel entirely secure. Thanks Ozone!

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Great post!
by: Tim P.

Thanks for taking the time to post your experiences and opinions on that wing Richard. Yours happens to be the very first paraglider review by a visitor to this site. It's a perfect example of the kind of contribution that other pilots and paragliding newbies will really appreciate!

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