Ozone Mojo Paraglider

The Ozone Mojo paraglider was aimed at learners, and was put on the market in 2004. Also, and this is a current trend, for anyone who just wants a safe, stress-free flying experience. Like the rest of the current crop of DHV-1 canopies, this one is quite capable of decent cross-country flying. So don't sneeze at it's lowly rating!

Ozone highlight the long brake travel plus the very good stability in pitch and roll of this paraglider. This is helpful for those who are learning. Also, the brake pressure increases noticeably as you approach the stall point, letting you know what's going on.

The Mojo comes in 5 sizes, starting at XS for rather small humans or very heavy pets. Just kidding.

Going up in size there are the S, M and L. Finally, for the well-fed or shall we say 'men and women of substance', there is the XL. We'll just look at the M size now, to keep things simple and allow easy comparisons with other paraglider designs.

An Ozone Mojo paraglider.


Just a few details here, in case you are interested in this kind of thing.

The A and B riser lines are Edelrid, rated at 200 kg (456 lbs) while the C lines are also Edelrid, rated at 340 kg (775 lbs). The mid lines are Liros DSL140 and upper lines are DSL70.

The Ozone Mojo has Gelvenor cloth on the top surface, don't know the weight, sorry. The bottom surface and ribs are Porcher. Presumably Porcher Marine, like a few other manufacturers use. Correct me if I'm wrong.

All those Porcher ribs divide the canopy into 39 cells.

Specs for Medium-sized Version

As mentioned earlier, we're looking at the Ozone Mojo M, smack in the middle of the range.

take-off weight incl. glider 80-100 kg (182-221 lbs)
wing area (flat) 27.40 m² (295 ft²)
wing area (projected) 23.30 m² (251 ft²)
wing span (flat) 11.8 m (39 ft)
wing span (projected) 9.0 m (30 ft)
aspect ratio (flat) 5.1
aspect ratio (projected) 3.6
min sink 1.2 m/s (236 fpm, 4.3 kph, 2.3 knts)
best glide ratio 7.7:1
speed min (mid weight range) 21 kph (13 mph, 11
speed trim (mid weight range) 35 kph (22 mph, 19 knts)
speed max (mid weight range) 46 kph (29 mph, 25 knts)
  • Glider weight 5.5 kg (12.1 lbs)


I'll just summarize a few relevant lines from the official DHV report for this wing. The report judges the paraglider at minimum and maximum flying weight. The Mojo actually scored the same at both ends of the range, for all the tests listed below.

  • take off handling: easy
  • roll damping: high
  • control travel: high
  • agility: average
  • spiral dive entry: easy
  • spiral dive exit: spontaneous
  • landing behavior: easy


The Ozone Mojo comes in eight standard colors.

  • white
  • yellow
  • orange
  • red, in 2 shades
  • blue, in 2 shades
  • purple


At the time of writing, recommended retail price was £1865.00 in the UK. Some places were offering it for as low as £1649.00.

Other Comments

The Mojo is towable, and comes with a speed bar. Pretty standard for the current lot of DHV-1 paragliders.


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