Ozone Paragliders

At the modern air-conditioned Ozone Paragliders factory in Gourdon, the soaring weather is second to none, with an amazing 300 or so flyable days every year. This is a great help, obviously, for the continuous development and testing of paragliders. It's easier and quicker to 'get it right' when so much air-time is available to test each canopy!

A philosophical bunch, these Ozone guys. Well, at least they claim to have 2 philosophies when it come to free-flying in paragliders.

One, fun. They try to make the flying experience enjoyable for pilots at all levels, by ensuring their designs are safe and easy to fly. Not like the old days, where manufacturers aimed to get the winning edge by extending the top-end speed of their designs. And in the end, it has been proven that a pilot with great confidence in his wing's safety is not disadvantaged. A small theoretical edge in performance doesn't really count for much. The competition results around the world have bourne this out, according to Ozone.

Secondly, fair pricing. In a nutshell, the guys at Ozone Paragliders are paraglider pilots and understand that other pilots appreciate good value in a glider. That means not just the initial price, but the life expectancy of the wing as well. So Ozone tries to keep prices very competitive, and also has an emphasis in construction for making the canopy structure and lines long-lasting. Materials are carefully picked accordingly. The handling of an Ozone paraglider barely changes over its entire life. As you would hope!

All this adds up to good value in a paraglider.

Now for some trivia. Maybe not the right word, can anything to do with aircraft manufacture be trivial? Anyway, the canopies at Ozone are tested at up to 12G, to make sure the line attachments to the ribs do not fail under even extreme loads. Wow, makes you wonder whether one of these things could survive an opening shock like a parachute. Maybe, but don't try it!

And what about the erm... Ozone Butthole! Huh? Yes, it's a real feature. Look at the tip of any wing from Ozone Paragliders, and you will find a velcro flap that can be opened to remove bits of rubbish that tend to accumulate there. Not in flight of course. A very practical idea that helps the wing last longer, very much in keeping with the Ozone philosophy.


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