Ozone Rush - My First Day

by Pete
(Wales, UK)

My mate brought along the Ozone Rush, 150 hrs, luvly condition. Does a few SATs, spirals, b-lines and handed it over to me. The conditions were very strong, bumpy, turbulent, thermic etc. I was on speed bar, did big ears, some quick 360's, low level stuff and more. Mmmmmmmmm - nice wing! Can't wait for da thermals.

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First Thermic Day On My New Rush
by: pete

Got to the hill, very little wind. Made way to take off. Just enough wind for a forced take off - straight into a thermal. Got to 388 mtrs off hill. The Rush is a delight to fly. Flew 4 hours in quite rough conditions, it was a pleasure. Big up to Ozone!

First Hours On Rush
by: Anonymous

Oh yes spent a few hours ground handling. I took to the Rush instantly, running around sitting on the grass flying inches above it! Then off to the skies I venture, some nice 360's, a few wing overs, lots of soaring. Awesome top to bottom and a pint o beer in the pub mmmmmmmmm.

Rush 2
by: Tim P.

Thanks for the comments Pete. Sounds like your first impressions were all good! If the wing was a Rush 2 (2008) just drop in another comment here, and I'll shift your contribution to the 2008 page. (Done 14th Mar - thanks Pete!)

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