Ozone Rush - Nice Beginner Wing And Just Fun!

by Joe
(Southern California)

Got this wing about a year back and in the most slightest breeze it wanted to go up. The Ozone Rush is a very nice and stable no nonsense wing. Just plain old fun.

The glide was soft and smooth. I felt the small wind in my face as we cruised over the desert and into the sun that afternoon. Never forgot it. 3 years later and were still having fun with the Ozone Rush.

I have a Cygnus mountain airbag with the reserve in a container up front. Need to get out some more before the weather turns bad. Would really like to go up to Utah and fly with the guys at Cloud9 and go on up to Idaho.

Man I love my wing so much. I take VERY good care of it. Please, if you have a chance to fly the Ozone Rush do so! You'll love it too. Now with that said I've never flown any other wing! So there!

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Paragliding Passion!
by: Tim P.

Well Joe, I gave your piece 5 stars. What it lacked in hard info, it made up for in pure paragliding passion and romance! Good job - hope you inspire plenty of others into the sport!

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