Paraglider Prices

Let's look at the bottom line of paraglider prices. Giving yourself a reasonable shot at achieving acceptable safety and enjoyment of paragliding will currently cost you several thousand dollars, when you add all the equipment costs up. The major cost of course is the canopy itself.

So, within the limits of your budget, consider all the relevant information on this site before you splash out on your personal flying machine!

You don't want to blow thousands of your hard-earned $s on worthless paragliders. Or Euros, as the case may be. :-)

Even well-designed and constructed paraglider wings have limited lives. So, buying a wing for half price which only has half its hours left won't save you much money in the long run!

Why? Because it'll only last half as long as a new one. You might as well get a good long stretch of flying out of a new or slightly-used one. Make the most of what will be your major paragliding cost.

You could even try an old-fashioned concept. Save up for a new or only slightly used paraglider!


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