Which Paraglider Stuff Bag?

When you finish reading this page, you might realize that rather than a paraglider stuff bag, you could actually do with something more.

These days there seems to be a whole range of paraglider bags ranging from 'dump the wing and pull the string' right through to well-crafted mountaineering backpacks that have compartments for everything.

You might also see paraglider stuff bags referred to as stuff sacks. And backpacks are the same thing as rucksacks.

Let's have a quick look at both ends of the range. Stuff bags are designed to be quick and easy, and are the most useful when flights are short. The paraglider stuff bag is laid out flat on the ground. The bunched up canopy and any other gear is placed in the center. A draw-string, sometimes called a cinch or cinch-cord, then gathers up the whole package.

Paraglider stuff bag.

Then you head back to the launch area with everything in the one bag. This sort of scenario is common where paragliding schools are operating at a training hill. But it might suit you also, during your early flying days.

Some stuff bags are UV-proof, and so are useful for extending the life of the school's equipment when the wing is not actually in the air. The simplest ones just have the draw-string, but for a few more $s you can have padded shoulder straps for easier carrying. Stuff bags are also useful for keeping rain off your paraglider.

Paraglider backpack.

Now for the top end of the range. Here, particularly during mountaineering, quite a bit more than just the paragliding equipment might be transported. These backpacks are designed for long hours of walking under a heavy load. Comfort and ergonomics are important factors in the design.

Many special compartments are built in to help you stow a variety of paragliding and mountaineering gear. For example, tent, gloves, radio the list goes on... Of course, the backpack itself folds up tightly so it can be stowed away for the glide back down from the mountain or glacier!

I have even seen an internal glider bag advertised, for under $30. Basically, a paraglider stuff bag just for the canopy, to protect it from other contents of the backpack.

A recent trend is the increasing size of a typical paraglider stuff sack or backpack. The biggest ones can now hold 200 liters (7 cubic feet)!

Stuff Bag and Backpack Survey

This page is meant to be an overview, prices are in U.S. dollars and will not be kept up to date frequently. They are just a guide, and of course new gear is often offered at a discount at various times.

My hope is that you can scan the survey here and come away with a very good idea of your ideal paraglider stuff bag or backpack and roughly what it will cost you.

Of course, any paraglider stuff sack seen here might pop up on eBay for significantly less than the advertised price!

All marketing hype has been removed, leaving just the essential info you are after! That is, name, price and feature list. To find, for example, where you might actually buy the Black Hawk Stuff Sack on the Web, just type "Black Hawk Stuff Sack" into Google, including those double-quotes.

The stuff bags and backpacks below are listed in price order. But not necessarily in order of value! You be the judge.

MoJo's PG UV Stuff Bag $65

  • circular paraglider stuff bag
  • drawstring top
  • zippered front
  • available in Purple/Black or Turquoise/Black

Black Hawk Stuff Sack $85

  • circular stuff bag
  • drawstring top

Circular Cinch Bag $85

  • circular stuff bag
  • drawstring top
  • padded shoulder straps

UP Deluxe Paragliding Bag $95

  • paraglider stuff bag
  • padded shoulder straps
  • carrying system (you'll have to ask them!)
  • side-compression straps

Thermal Tracker Stuff Sack $100

  • circular paraglider stuff bag
  • drawstring top
  • various colors available
  • UV proof

Critter Stuff Bag "Fly Trap" $115

  • circular stuff bag
  • drawstring top
  • 8 oz. Dupont Cordura bottom
  • ripstop nylon and mesh upper
  • two handles
  • reinforced seams, double stitched and taped
  • individual sizes for all Fly Trap paragliders

Ozone Backpack $125

  • 200 liter volume
  • based on climbing rucksack designs
  • compression system
  • lumbar support
  • top pocket and side pockets
  • padded hip belt and chest strap
  • soft ergonomic straps

PG Mountain Sack Light $120

  • for mountaineering
  • light weight, 650g (1.43lbs)
  • inner zipping pocket
  • 75 liter capacity
  • Expandable netted side pockets
  • adjustable straps for ice-axe
  • elastic cord at top to secure additional equipment
  • elastic lid

SOL Deluxe Paraglider Backpack $125

  • color: black with red highlights
  • hip strap for better weight distribution
  • side handle
  • compression straps
  • zippered compartments for accessories
  • made of 6.6 HT rip stop nylon
  • fits a tandem glider and harness

SupAir Grand Tourism $150

  • padded shoulder and waist straps
  • 180 liter capacity
  • large top and front zipping pockets
  • fits a tandem glider and harness

Charly Easy Walk 119,00€ ($200+)

  • for mountaineering
  • Cordura backpack material
  • backpack and top compartments for helmet and accessories
  • 6 compression straps to get center of gravity close to the carrier
  • hip-strap for better load-distribution
  • shape based on the wedge shape of the mountain farmer's hay basket
  • center of gravity positioned high and close to the body
  • storage compartments for gloves, drink, etc. accessible while walking
  • radio pocket integrated on the hip-strap


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