Certified Paragliders 2006

Paragliders 2006 is very similar to the pages for earlier years, but with a little more info and some minor improvements. I hope it proves handy for some of you, some of the time.

Only certified wings are featured here.

Most of this site is aimed at people with little or no experience of paragliding.

However, if you have arrived at this page and are eager to read up on a few 2006 designs, chances are you know a little more! Probably a lot more.

The links below present the info on each paraglider in a no-nonsense tabular format. Since figures are quoted for only one size of each paraglider, an assumed in-flight pilot weight of 95 kg (210 pounds) is used to pick the size. This should allow reasonably good comparisons between wings.

Not everybody flies in Europe, hence figures are quoted in other units where appropriate. Mind you, when it comes to paragliding, metric units seem to be very widely used now. That's a good thing! In case anyone finds it useful, I've even quoted prices in a bunch of other currencies.

Here they all are...

DHV 1 / CEN Standard
Apco Karma - M
Gin Bolero 3 - M
Gradient Bright III - 28
Ozone Element - M
U Turn Ladyguard - S
Wings of Change Otzi - M

DHV 1-2
Airwave Kiss - M
FreeX Serum - M
Icaro Incanto - M
Mac Para Velvia - 28
Nova Rookie - M
Paratech P44 - ML
ProDesign Accura - 85
Sky Atis 2 - L
Swing Mistral 4 - 26
Swing Arcus 5 - 26
Windtech Kali - 27

DHV 2 / CEN Performance
Mac Para Envy - 27
Niviuk Artik - M
Skywalk Cayenne 2 - M

DHV 2-3 Competition
Advance Omega 7 - 26
Gin Boomerang Sport - M
Wings of Change Predator - M

~~~~~~~ End of Paragliders in 2006 ~~~~~~~


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