Certified Paragliders 2007

Paragliders 2007 is pretty much the same in format as the Paragliders 2006 pages. That is, plenty of concentrated info presented as tables of figures. Some small graphics showing the wing color schemes too.

If you have come here looking for specs or other non-biased info, I'm sure you'll find something of interest!

Since figures are quoted for only one size of each paraglider, an assumed in-flight pilot weight of 95 kg (210 pounds) is used to pick the size. This should allow reasonably good comparisons between wings. As usual, all wings listed here are certified.

All figures are quoted in both Metric and Imperial units to keep everyone happy. In case anyone finds it useful, I've even quoted prices in the currencies of the most active paragliding regions around the world. Just as a rough guide of course, mainly for comparison purposes.

If you've been here before, you'll know that this site is basically aimed at people with little or no experience of paragliding.

A beginner once wrote to me in appreciation for not favoring one manufacturer over any other one. He was scouting around for general info on various wings, and noticed that every manufacturer claimed their latest entry-level wing was the best for him!

Here they are...

DHV 1 / EN A

Advance Alpha 4 - 28

Ozone Mojo 2 - M

Skywalk Mescal 2 - M

Swing Axis 4 - 26

Team 5 Green - M

UP Ascent - M

Windtech Arial - M

DHV 1-2 / EN B

Apco Vista - M

Gradient Golden 2 - 26

Mcc Amaya - M

Nova Mentor - S

Ozone Buzz Z - ML

Paratech P27 - ML

SOL Ellus 2 - L

Wings of Change Crossblade - M

DHV 2 / EN C

Axis Vega 2 - M

Nervures Faial - M

Sky Antea - L

SOL Synergy 3 - L

Swing Astral 5 - 26

Windtech Tecno - M

DHV 2-3

UP Trango 3 - M

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