Certified Paragliders 2008

Paragliders 2008 is in precisely the same format as the Paragliders 2007 pages. That is, plenty of concentrated info presented as tables of graphics and figures.

If you have come here looking for specs or other non-biased info, I'm sure you'll find something of interest!

However, since this site is basically aimed at people with little or no experience of paragliding, you won't find any in-depth flying reports here.

All figures are quoted in both Metric and Imperial units to keep you happy no matter where you are from. In case you find it useful, I've even quoted prices in the currencies of the most active paragliding nations. It's just as a rough guide of course, and mainly for comparison purposes. Currencies have been somewhat volatile lately!

The data below is quoted for only one size of each paraglider, to keep things simpler. That size is picked to suit an in-flight pilot weight of 95 kg (210 pounds). That weight includes clothes, helmet, instruments and other gear. This should allow a reasonable comparison between 2 wings, even if you fly a different size.

Here they all are... Note: The LTF / EN equivalents below are not exact. In cases where a wing is certified under both systems, I have placed it under the heading which corresponds to its LTF rating.

LTF 1 / EN A

SOL Prymus 3 - L

Pro Design Cuga - 90

U-Turn Bodyguard 2 - M

Wings Of Change Edonis - M

LTF 1-2 / EN B

Advance Alpha 4 Hike - 25

Airwave Sport 4 - M

Ozone Rush 2 - M

Skywalk Tequila 2 - M

Swing Mistral 5 - 26

LTF 2 / EN C

Wings Of Change X-Fighter - 27

LTF 2-3

SOL Torck - M

As usual, all wings listed here have been certified by passing either LTF or EN tests.

LTF? These letters are an abbreviation of Lufttüchtigkeitsforderungen which is German for airworthiness requirements. What happened to DHV?

Nothing, however, the group of LTF tests conducted by DHV may now be conducted by other organizations as well. Hence, it is more correct to refer to the certification standard as 'LTF'. As in 'LTF 1 paraglider'.

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