Certified Paragliders 2011

Paragliders 2011 brings you basic specs and other info on all the wings released in that year. All the usual figures and graphics are presented, in line with the format I settled on several years ago.

There haven't been any complaints, although some newbies might be a little mystified by measures such as projected aspect ratio!

Not to worry - since all modern certified wings have high passive safety and great performance compared to just a decade or 2 ago, it mostly boils down to personal preferences when selecting a wing.

On the topic of personal preferences, some of the most valuable info is provided (or will be provided) by those who contribute a wing review. These pilots tend to 'tell it like it is' because they aren't working for any of the paragliding manufacturers.

Such is the standard of modern gear though, there are generally very few negative points made about any of the paragliders. I suppose this is partly due to 'satisfied customers' being the ones most likely to contribute a story too!

This list is intended to be useful, but it might never cover every last wing released this year!

EN A / LTF 1

Dudek Nemo 2 - L

Team 5 Green b - M

EN B / LTF 1-2

AirDesign Vita - M

Axis Comet - M

Sky Country Discovery 4 - 27

Skywalk Tequila 3 - M

EN C / LTF 2

AirCross U-Cross - M

Escape Stream - M

Icaro Maverick 2 - M

Sky Antea 2 - L

UP Summit XC 2 - M

EN D / LTF 3

Axis Venus 3 - M

Swing Stratus 8 - 23

As usual, all wings listed on this page have been certified by passing either EN or LTF tests. EN seems to be prevailing these days...

Also, the EN / LTF equivalents are not exact. Sometimes there are exceptions! In cases where a wing is certified under both systems, I have placed it under the heading which corresponds to its EN rating.

All figures are quoted in Metric and Imperial units to keep you happy no matter where you are from. Also, prices are quoted in the currencies of the most active paragliding nations. It's just as a rough guide of course, and mainly for comparison purposes.

The data for each paraglider is quoted for only one size of the wing, to keep things simpler. That size is picked to suit an in-flight pilot weight of 95 kg (210 pounds). That weight includes clothes, helmet, instruments and other gear. This should allow a reasonable comparison between 2 wings, even if you fly a different size.

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