Certified Paragliders 2012

Paragliders 2012 once again brings you a selection of data on the wings released and certified in that year. Not to mention a great photo of each paraglider, which is often a close-up showing only the canopy and the upper portion of its lines.

Thanks go to para2000.com for the image down there of the Niviuk Icepeak 6. This is a competition wing, and surely one of the first to be released in 2012!

Manufacturers usually make a number of color schemes available for each wing, and these are illustrated at the bottom of each page. The images are only approximate in terms of outline and hue, but at least you get some idea of the variety available.

Possibly the most interesting aspect of this page will be the comments left by pilots! These guys come from the full spectrum of experience levels. No 'manufacturer propaganda' here. Often, the type of info presented is of particular interest to those just starting out in the sport.

Please consider leaving a Wing Review of your own one day :-) Even if you have an older wing, its easy enough to look it up under other pages on this site. See over there on the left, under Wing Reviews. Compare your own experience with someone else's comments on the wing.

The list below will grow during the course of the year. With the number of manufacturers churning out wings these days, the list won't ever be exhaustive. But the most popular paragliders should certainly be covered. Something a bit more obscure might pop up from time to time too...

EN A / LTF 1

Airwave Gecko 2 - M

Icaro Cyber TE - M

Independence Pioneer - M

Nova Prion 2 - S

SOL Start - M

EN B / LTF 1-2

Dudek Optic - 26

MacPara Eden 5 - 28

MacPara Yukon - 27

Sky Anakis 2 - L

Swing Arcus 7 - 26

Triple Seven Rook - M

UP Makalu 3 - M

EN C / LTF 2

AirDesign Volt - M

Gradient Aspen 4 - 26

Niviuk Artik 3 - 27

SkyCountry Scorpion 4 - 27

Swing Astral 7 - 26

EN D / LTF 3

AirCross Usport 2 - M

~~~~~~~~ End of Paragliders 2012 ~~~~~~~~


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