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Paragliding articles are a bit hard to find, since paragliding is not a huge sport compared to many others. During the first couple of years of this site's existence, I wrote a number of articles about paragliding, for online publishing and distribution. Also, a few paragliding articles about related sports were published. For example, about flying sailplanes and hang-gliders.

Side Note: Glider pilots are a special breed, people who learn to love the 'feel' of rising air. During their lifetime they are likely to try more than one form of flying without a motor.

Indeed, experienced motor-less pilots move easily from one form of flying to another. Sometimes just to try something new, or because of financial constraints or other reasons.

Sailplanes, hang-gliders, paragliders. Finding your way to the middle of a thermal and then climbing high in almost total silence is a blast in any of these aircraft! Also, getting more than one thermal away from the comfort zone of the local launch site can be a bit of a rush, the first time...

...anyway, enough rambling!

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Try Paragliding! A Quick Introduction, Plus An Imaginary First Flight Have you ever wondered about the basics of paragliding? Just how is a paraglider constructed? Or how do you actually fly one? Find out now, finishing with a flight of fancy down at the dunes!

Paragliding - How Safe Is It, And What Are The Stats? How safe is paragliding? The good news is, it's safer than it's Extreme Sports image would have you think. Of all the so-called Extreme Sports, paragliding has perhaps the widest range of participants.

Air Sports - When Soaring Pilots Write If you can't fly, you can at least read about it! And with a wealth of great flying stories on the Internet, it's cheaper than visiting your local bookstore. This article gives you just a taste of the adventure-filled soaring tales you could be enjoying!

A Typical Paraglider Pilot? - No Such Thing! There really aren't any typical paraglider pilots. In particular, you won't find too many fitting the Extreme Sports stereotype. This article looks at the extremes of paraglider pilots in various categories. Be prepared to be surprised! Be prepared to consider going for a ride in a paraglider one day, no matter who you are.

Soaring - A Family Outing With A Difference For a family weekend outing with a difference, why not go out to see some soaring pilots in action? This article clears up any confusion you might have regarding the various types of gliding sports, and concludes with some short movie-clips-in-words that will fascinate you!

Glider Thrill Rides One option you have these days, if you are looking for a thrill ride, is to visit a gliding club! This article outlines some things you can request that go way beyond sedately floating around the sky. All these things are inspired by my personal experiences as a gliding instructor, and are quite safe when done with an experienced pilot. So be game, and have a great time!

Paragliders - Some Great Places To See Them This article highlights just a few exceptional places around the world where the general public can view paragliders in flight, up close. Although there are many others equally good, I have chosen to cover Torrey Pines in California, U.S.A., Interlaken in Switzerland, Oludeniz in Turkey, Lima in Peru, the Hartbeespoortdam in South Africa and Voss in Norway.

Close Encounters Of The Soaring Kind A small collection of interesting air-to-air encounters while flying sailplanes. Quite a motley collection, and possibly more interesting for those who have never flown in a soaring aircraft such as a sailplane or hang-glider. Quite useless in terms of practical information, but I'll bet you enjoy the read!

Powered Paragliders - 101 Uses Although the title claims 101 uses for powered paragliders, the article actually only discusses 5. However, they are real and rather intriguing, and do not include the most common usage - flying for sport. Many more uses could be dreamed up, and who knows for what other purposes people currently use these versatile flying machines.

Build Your Own Paraglider - Honest! A tongue-in-cheek look at building paragliders at home. Who hasn't thought about that, a new paraglider costs a fortune. A nice read for all those para-waiting enthusiasts out there, or anyone really. Don't come crying to me if you can't find the mentioned websites. Who knows, they mightn't be online any more...

Choosing a Paragliding Helmet A paragliding helmet is a rather important piece of paragliding gear. There are a number of aspects to consider when selecting the right helmet for you. These relate to the choice of full or open face design, field of view, special requirements such as built-in mic, whether it meets the appropriate standards and of course how it fits.

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