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Great Beginner Wing, Responsive

I'm flying this one on Ridge Soaring and sometimes with a motor (yes, to go up from the island without hills). I love it. It feels very stable and safe.

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The Raven The Beak The Squawk

First impression I felt spoilt. Nice comfortable handles and little toggles. Beautifully designed image of the Firebird logo printed in green/black/grey.

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Volcano Turrialba Costa Rica - Erupted While Flying

This photo was taken during a coincidental volcanic eruption of the Mountain Turrialba in Costa Rica by Andres Vargas. It was during one of the first times

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New Ozone Buzz Z4 - flying Turrialba Volcano area, Costa Rica

This is one of the popular flying sites in Costa Rica located in the Turrialba Volcano mountain area. A beautiful area with good thermals, XC opportunities

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Peace, Bliss & Happy Landings

Paragliding at Kamshet, India and chilling by the lake after flying. www.flynirvana.com

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Top Landing - Caldera, Costa Rica

A great day ridge soaring the western central coast of Costa Rica at a place called Nemaclys owned by Jean Claude. I'm coming in for a top landing.

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