Paragliding in Yemen

by Emad Esaily

I'm Emad from Jordan, I was in a visit to Yemen and I visited a place there named maswar, it's really a very nice place. I saw some people who were paragliding there. When I asked them they told me all you have to do is practice and then come to this place because it's one of the most beautiful and suitable places to do this kind of sport.

When I checked places to paraglide in I didn't find this place in the list! I wonder why?

I took some pictures there. I hope you find them good.

Best Regards

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weather webpage
by: conmar

In order to support your great work, I will come to help with information about a weather page, that I hope to use it with pleasure.
Marius Constantinescu

by: Saeed AG

Hey Emad are you already flying?

There are some similar beautiful places in Oman as well, however from the pictures I can see it's much higher than the places I have seen in Oman.

Where in Yaman is that place?

good pics
by: Tim P

Yes, I would definitely agree that your photos are 'good'. Looks like an awesome spot to launch from!

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