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'Para-Newbie News-n-Pics'

This paragliding newsletter went for 20 monthly issues during 2007 and 2008.

It finished with the August 2008 issue.

This page used to be the sign-up page for the publication. It remains on this site since it links to all the great paragliding photos that featured each month!

Newsletter Pics

Each large image has its own page, so you can see it without waiting too long. Not all of us have access to super-fast internet connections!

Photo - Aug 2008 issue
Photo - Jul 2008 issue
Photo - Jun 2008 issue
Photo - May 2008 issue
Photo - Apr 2008 issue
Photo - Mar 2008 issue
Photo - Feb 2008 issue
Photo - Jan 2008 issue
Photo - Dec 2007 issue
Photo - Nov 2007 issue
Photo - Oct 2007 issue
Photo - Sep 2007 issue
Photo - Aug 2007 issue
Photo - Jul 2007 issue
Photo - Jun 2007 issue
Photo - May 2007 issue
Photo - Apr 2007 issue
Photo - Mar 2007 issue
Photo - Feb 2007 issue
Photo 1 - Jan 2007 issue
Photo 2 - Jan 2007 issue

On announcing the demise of the newsletter in the last issue, quite a number of subscribers replied to the email. Thanks very much to those pilots for all the appreciation of my efforts that was expressed!

Around about this time, I came across an excellent free paragliding magazine. There is an on-line version which gets published several times a year. Links to past issues may be found in this thread at ParaglidingForum. Have a look, you won't be disappointed!


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