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It has been said that flying for pleasure is a sensation sport. Paragliding photos capture part of that, the visual side to flying. A good photo will even remind you of the other sensations, such as wind on your face, partial G forces and the hiss of airflow.

If you browse around this site a bit, you'll see plenty such paragliding pictures!

So why have I started this page? Well, a couple of keen pilots have already offered me some great images. Completely out of the blue, so to speak - I didn't ask for them!

I thought that it would be a great idea to let people add images right here and now.

Sort of like a visual paragliding forum! You can leave comments on other people's contributions too.

A tip: Raw digital images straight from your camera can be uploaded successfully. However, this can take many minutes over a slow Internet connection. Resizing the image to around 100Kb or so will still result in a high-quality image on a computer screen. If you haven't done this before, try using Irfanview, a free-ware program. It does an excellent job, sharpening the image after the resize.

Another tip: For maximum impact on my site, select a photo that is taller than it is wide. This way, when my site resizes the photo to fit the page, it will appear as large as possible.

Oh, it has to be your picture of course! Don't go lifting them from other websites, for example.

What's YOUR Best Paragliding Photo?

If you have a number of your own pictures on your computer, why not pick out the very best one and share it with the paragliding world. Inspire those newbies out there!

Photos From Other Visitors

Click below to see some great paragliding photos from other visitors to this page...

David Barish 1921-2009 
This is the inventor of the Barish Sailwing, often referred to as the Forgotten Father of Paragliding.

PPG Corn Skiing 
Photo shows a nice corn crop near Bonner Springs Kansas taken sometime in early September 2009. Notice the shadow of the PPG on the corn.

Paragliding at Interlaken, Switzerland 
Photo taken Sept. 26, 2009. By the way, is it normal to feel so queazy? ;-) Matt.

Paragliding in Jackson Hole 
I am a paraglider pilot in Idaho falls. I started paragliding when I was 17, and this is a recent photo of me in Jackson Hole Wyoming, getting set up for …

Eve shot 
I just love the composition.

Paragliding From Merriam Crater 
Me launching off Merriam, a popular paragliding spot near Flagstaff, Arizona U.S.A. Merriam is an extinct volcano with it's top launch at about 1100 feet …

Despuegue de invierno 
El Bolsón, vuelo de invierno.

Paragliding on the Yorkshire coast. 
September 2008 - Paragliding on the Yorkshire coast.

Paragliding in Macedonia 
This is me (Mentor) flying and soaring in Mavrovo-Macedonia with my Swing Mistral 4. Picture was taken on the 12 of December 2008. This is one of the most …

Full Stall over Rhossili (Wales) 
Me (Jason Andrews) mucking about on my old Zed One paraglider. Photo by Sheryl Cameron

Ridge Flying 
Just doing a little Ridge soaring on a hill by my house.

Great Paragliding At The Mouth Of The Mattole River. 
Members of the Humboldt Wings hang-gliding and paragliding club took a little trip down the Lost Coast to Petrolia for a day of flying and a beautiful …

South Beach Florida Flying 
Fall season down here but nice to fly! Just taking-off from Haulover Park beach, North Miami Beach, FL. Beautiful morning, easterly light winds, flying …

Me and My Niviuk Hook 
I'm on the yellow glider in front, over Lac D'Anncey, France. This is my first flight with the glider in the Alps.

Waiting For it to lift 
Myself and other pilots were on launch on Mt. Woodside British Columbia. We arrived early and the whole valley was socked in. It lifted fairly quickly …

Flying in KOSOVO Sky 
Where: This flight was from Kosovo Mountain Who: Pilot Besnik Hajdari from Kosovo Why: I like to fly, flying is my life What: Paraglider is a …

In the Turn / Magic of Flight 
June 2011. Golden Colorado. At the M. I used to fly an Edel Super Space II. I've gotten out of flying paragliders, but I still remember the magic of flying …

Paragliding over Gostivar, in Macedonia 
This is me (Mentor Saiti) flying over the sky of Gostivar-Macedonia. The picture was taken on May 2009.

SOL Prymus 2 
This picture was taken by my nervous Mum, on launch in Vågå, Norway. It's taken with her phone, I was the first pilot to fly that day, and I stayed up …

Playa el Agua-Margarita Island 
Instructional flight on one of the nicest beaches of Margarita Island.

Too windy to fly 
Nobility, Tx. Kiting and parawaiting.

Powered Paragliding - What Goes Up ... Must Come Down 
This is me John Black 2 seconds into what should have been certain death. Fortunately for me I hit a power pole on the way to the ground and sustained …

A walk above the lake ... 
This is a foot-shot above the lake of Annecy. Take off: Col de Forclaz, landing site: Doussard.

Power Paragliding In A Bath Tub 
On-going project around a normal bath tub. Sailed 800k alone on the Amazon river, so now plan next May to power paraglide this bath and me from the source …

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Volcano Turrialba Costa Rica - Erupted While Flying Not rated yet
This photo was taken during a coincidental volcanic eruption of the Mountain Turrialba in Costa Rica by Andres Vargas. It was during one of the first times …

New Ozone Buzz Z4 - flying Turrialba Volcano area, Costa Rica Not rated yet
This is one of the popular flying sites in Costa Rica located in the Turrialba Volcano mountain area. A beautiful area with good thermals, XC opportunities …

Peace, Bliss & Happy Landings Not rated yet
Paragliding at Kamshet, India and chilling by the lake after flying.

Top Landing - Caldera, Costa Rica Not rated yet
A great day ridge soaring the western central coast of Costa Rica at a place called Nemaclys owned by Jean Claude. I'm coming in for a top landing.

RC PARAGLIDER Like The Real Ones. Not rated yet
See here what we are flying on slope in Austria with RC PARAGLIDERS

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