Paragliding Primer

At last! This Paragliding Primer covers an overlooked niche in children's literature. Are you a Paragliding Parent? Is your child learning to read?

Then you need to come here often to read to them the adventures of Dirk and Flora!

Dirk and Flora have keen paragliding parents from Australia who introduced them to the sport from a very young age. Dirk was actually adopted from The Netherlands, while his sister Flora was named after a well-known brand of margarine. Quite an alternative-lifestyle family.

Dirk and Flora have 2 pets, a dog and a cat named Nup and Flerf, imported from New Zealand.

This primer is a collection of safety tales, each with a Paragliding Moral of course.

Legal Notice: Any resemblance to Dick and Dora, of the childrens' reading primers of the 1950s and 60s, is purely coincidental. This is also true of their pets Nip and Fluff. No connection is to be assumed with real events in the lives of Dick and Dora, nor those of Nip and Fluff.

The Nasty Cross-Wind

The Windy Day

The Big Big Thermal

The Naughty Winch Man

The New P2 Pilot

Hurry Hurry, Flora!

The Big Wide Landing Zone

I hope you enjoyed these Dirk and Flora stories for kids. They do remind me of Dick and Dora from the earliest years of my education, in West Pennant Hills, Sydney. Fond memories? Mmmm, not sure actually. Maybe I should do another primer on the Cat in the Hat or something... :-)


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