Interesting Paragliding Websites

A growing number of paragliding websites here, covering most corners of the globe! They're well worth a look, each having its strengths, as you will see. Enjoy!

La Palma, Canary Islands, Spain

La Palma, in the Canary Islands.

This is something of a paragliding hot-spot, although apparently the least known of the Canary Islands from a general tourist point of view. La Palma has mountainous terrain, and features the largest erosion crater in the world. Some of the interesting topography of the island can be seen in the picture.

Like many European paragliding websites, the webmaster has catered for English and German speakers. Just click the appropriate button on the home page to get started.

Some La Palma coastline.

The flying can be challenging here, and it is recommended you fly with a local guide or as part of a paragliding school excursion. Details on the site.

The site has a nice collection of pictures showing paragliding action around the island. Everything from launch close-ups to shots from high altitude. A good pictorial overview of the flying here.

For example, floating down to Chargo Verde Beach is captured in this pic...

Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain

Gran Canaria coast, in the Canary Islands.

The Canary Islands must be a superb spot for paragliding, or maybe it just attracts more webmasters and their paragliding websites than other locations... Although this is another Canary Islands website, I just had to include it here since it is so neatly done. Navigation around the site is very clear and straightforward.

If you visit Fly in Canarias you'll find it chock-a-block with good photography and video of paragliding. The site has a 'technical' feel to it. Coders, not artists, have been at work creating it :-) Some flying sites even have live webcam! See the waves rolling in, and people walking around on the foreshore.

Extensive info is provided for anyone who wants to actually fly the various Gran Canaria locations. Also, help is on hand if you want to record the experience in photograph or video.

A knowledge of Spanish is handy, but not essential, for some of the resources linked to this site.

Munnar, Kerala, India

Want to try paragliding in India? A visit to the Edelweiss Adventures site would be a good start for your information gathering! Adventure tour operators Ani and Sumesh have put together a range of options for out-door thrill-seekers. Although a range of adventure sports are supported, there is slightly more emphasis on paragliding in particular.

Regarding paragliding, a wide range of experience levels seems to be covered. Beginners can use training hills for their first flights under a flexible wing, or take instructional Tandem rides. Those with a little more experience can sign up to do a Paragliding Tour of cross-country sites in the company of expert pilots.

The web site was re-developed in late 2008 and they seem to have done a neat job! The English isn't perfect, but spelling mistakes are few, and the occasional quaint expression just lends an exotic touch to the site. Paragliding websites often have a Gallery section, and this one is no exception although there aren't a lot of photos. Yet. The pictures illustrate well the type of landscapes and flying conditions that can be expected.

These guys are based in the region of Kerala, but the paragliding tours encompass sites in both Southern and Northern areas of the country.

Flying across Munnar Hills, in India.

Capetown, South Africa

South Africa is a major paragliding nation, and this website would have to be one of the best resources for pilots intending to fly there. For paragliding websites, it's a bit unusual. On the one hand, it appears to be the 'storefront' for an independent publisher of Extreme Sports materials, Eternity Press.

On the other hand, an author offers a good amount of purely paragliding information. Site guides, flying articles, paragliding equipment reviews, all the usual stuff. Some of it very entertaining, as well as useful!

Graphically and technically, this is a nicely polished site. It's very tastefully set out and neatly written up. It turns out the publisher and the author, Greg Hamerton, are one and the same. It is also clear that he has a close association with a group calling themselves the Fresh Air Crew, who film extreme sports documentaries.

Greg has done most of his flying near Capetown, the pic below showing the Twelve Apostles mountain range near that city.

Paragliding in South Africa, near Capetown.

Interlaken, Switzerland

In the spirit of considering interesting places to fly, here's one of the most professionally done paragliding websites you are likely to come across. It's all about paragliding from the mountains around Interlaken, Switzerland. Be sure to click on 'english' or 'deutsch' from the initial page, to access the rest.

The photography on this site is exceptional! The webmaster knows what he/she is doing too, the photos don't take an excessive amount of time to load.

Alpine Flying Centre, Domancy, France

The Alpine Flying Centre in Domancy, France.

Functional rather than graphical, the Alpine Flying Centre site is chock-full of detailed information relating to paragliding in Northern France. Dennis and Gillian sum it up pretty well when they say:

The information in this website should answer most of your questions about the flying, courses, accommodation and travel.

Apparently the office is just an hour from Geneva airport, or about a day's drive from the north coast.

Courses include Thermalling and Introductory Mountain Courses with an emphasis on alpine flying. Beginners are not forgotten.

A concept not written about much on other paragliding websites is Fly Guiding. The Alpine Flying Centre use this term to describe their service for assisting non-local pilots to do cross-country flying in the area. Sounds like a great idea to me! Imagine how some flat-landers must feel, gazing around at the snow-lines and massive slopes while waiting for take-off.

Malibu, California, U.S.A.

Paragliding near Malibu in California in the USA.

Here's another interesting site, by Claude Fiset who teaches and does tandem joy-rides over Malibu beach, in California, U.S.A. All year round! He sells Skywalk paragliders all across the country. In fact, Claude's business is a provider of the full range of paragliding products and services.

You can check this all out, and more, by visiting the Uptimal website.

You will find some very interesting panoramic pics, with annotations scribbled on them. Not the height of graphic art as seen in some paragliding websites, but very informative and .. well.. individual!

If you're new to paragliding, just imagine being in the 'front seat' of a tandem paraglider like this person... Great ocean views, and a beach landing to cap it all off.

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Despite being a bit rough around the edges in terms of layout and grammar, Paragliding Headquarters offers an impressive resource for Australian pilots. Also, it is possibly the most frequently updated paragliding site I have come across so far!

Webmaster Jiri has been into paragliding since 1990 and seems to be immersed in the sport in every way. That is to say, his business provides or recommends a range of the best paragliding services and equipment.


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