Powered Paragliding Photos

A Small Gallery

I've hunted around, so these powered paragliding photos come from various sources, and are used with permission where appropriate. Hope you enjoy viewing them here!

The cost of a paramotor makes this form of paragliding considerably more expensive than free-flight.

However, in comparison to other forms of general aviation, this is the very cheapest way to get airborne under power. In your very own aircraft!

Aircraft ownership has never been so accessible to the public.

apco powered paraglider

Apco powered paragliders over a sea of cloud

red powered paraglider

from FlightJunkies.com

ozone powered paraglider

An Ozone powered paraglider creeping across a lush carpet of green

gray powered paraglider uptimal

Powered paragliding with Uptimal in California, U.S.A.

red powered paraglider uptimal

More powered paragliding with Uptimal

tandem powered paraglider uptimal

Yes, there are such things as tandem powered paragliders!

powered paraglider pilot

from FlightJunkies.com - it is a bit like an aerial armchair isn't it!

paramotor wooden propellor

A paramotor with a wooden prop

powered paragliders sunset

Two powered paragliders over water

blue powered paraglider

Buzzing along, well below cloudbase...

white powered paraglider

Paramotoring along... (hey, some pics don't lend themselves to interesting captions)

powered paraglider before takeoff

Idle pilot with engine idling...

powered paraglider

A bird within a bird, in the wild blue yonder...

purple powered paraglider

Well, it's a Purple Powered Paraglider mmm...

powered paraglider sunset

Paramotoring away from the sunset, he's missing the view...

powered paraglider blue sky

Looks like some kind of flying billboard!

powered paraglider inflation

Inflating the canopy prior to take-off

blue powered paraglider

SpaceApple.com - a student pilot climbing out for the first time


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