RC Paragliders For Sale

Companies producing very well designed and manufactured RC paragliders for sale can now be found, in late 2007. They use the latest kiting materials, such as rip-stop nylon for canopies and Kevlar for the lines.

There is also a tendency to offer aerial-photography as part of the package. With these, high-quality photographic and/or video gear is included in the retail price.

Not surprisingly, these units currently sell for between 500 and 1500 or so US dollars in late 2007.

These units can be considered real miniature aircraft, using technology, materials and construction techniques from the aircraft industry.

Now, are you just after a much cheaper cool toy to fly on weekends? If so, there's usually a few on offer through online auctions or other listings...

Who Flies These Things?

Compared to most model aircraft, the model paraglider seems to appeal to a very wide range of people. Here are some groups that I found had a significant interest in RC paragliders.

  • paraglider pilots, of course!
  • r/c pilots, particularly newbies needing something very easy
  • aerial photographers, both for fun and for commercial purposes
  • kite flyers, which must be the parafoil connection!

I might add that plenty of non-flyers, particularly women, might end up getting interested too. An RC paraglider is quite a contrast to your usual macho high-speed RC aircraft!


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