SIV/Acro with Aerodyne Shaolin

by Haakon

Took the SIV course with my Aerodyne Shaolin a few weeks ago, over the ocean south of Oslo. Winched up to 3000ft amsl. On the first full stall I was nervous and did some mistakes...

I let the glider fly again by rising the brakes, it shot forward. I really don't like having the glider that far in front of me so I brake it again. This caused it to stall and gave me a big pendulum. When I reached the "Bottom" I didn't manage to keep the right brake down. The glider spun a full 360 without me following, and kept spinning.

I managed to pull the brake down a little before the twists locked the brakes completely. The glider stopped rotating after 5-7 360`s (I'm not quite sure, it happened really fast). I used scissor kicks to get rid of the twists, while falling about 600 meters.

When the glider inflated finally, I had a large knot on the left, impossible to get rid of while in the air. I landed on a 40*60 ft island with 70% of the canopy open.

The second flight went much better and I did 4 full stalls! All the other things went really well, and I ended the course with a SAT. The Shaolin requires lots of weight-shift, and 40 cm of brake input. Lots of new videos have been uploaded on YouTube.... just search for Aerodyne Shaolin, and check out the videos from "FlyingMonk9"

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by: chippy

Hi all,

Fly a shaolin medium bought used (5 year old with only 8 flights) and it beats my Ozone Vulcan top end class 2 x-country.

I am right at the top of the weight range but I still sky out with the rest of them.

Being heavy on the wing means a lot of speed when brakes let off - just got me out of a scary situation on the coast when the wing shifted 90 degrees and left me heading into wind in a no-lift situation and VERY LITTLE beach!

I agree with previous post - it does need quite a lot of weight shift, but I think this is inherent in all DHV-1 wings; it's part of the safety features - if all goes ratshit then let go and the wing will sort itself out!

Good Lesson
by: Kestrel

Good lesson- sorry it was the hard way :-) and kudos for going back up and trying again. Slowing way down before burying the brakes reduces some of that falling backwards, =s less anxiety the first time. Then, if you slowly and evenly go half way up, you can 'fly' backwards with the wing in a little horseshoe - even steer using weight-shift - then let it out all the way and check the surge. Congrats on the SAT - I've never done one, but it looks like fun! I'm going to check out your report on the Shaolin - to tell the truth, I've never heard of the wing.

15 flight hours ago
by: Anonymous

Yes, i have about 15 hours flight time since then + the siv course, and lots of ground handling. One thing i've noticed when ground handling, it takes a lot more energy to launch it standard (running and facing the same direction) than reversed (don't even have to run backwards, just walk and pull the a-risers). Another thing about it, it's hard to find anyone else flying it, i've only seen dune and yogi here in Norway....

by: Tim P.

Great post Haakon, thanks for contributing again. I seem to remember you uploading a wing review for the Shaolin wing some months ago. Sounds like you're more intimately familiar with it's characteristics now!

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