Sky Atis 2 Flight Review

by Kathleen Goncalves
(Minas Gerais, Brazil)

I have been flying since 1996 but not much in the last 4 years (lived in Indiana). My current wing is a Pro-Design Compact which I have been flying for 12 years and have probably 300 hours of flight time. I am a pretty conservative flyer. My current wing is extremely stable.

I flew the Sky Atis 2 during midday in medium wind and medium to strong thermals. I was on the extreme low end of the weight range. I had been warned it is sensitive to controls so was pretty careful taking off in a tight area. The takeoff was smooth. I could have braked more (I have never been an over-braker).

I was flying with several other paragliders with more advanced wings and had no trouble keeping aloft with them. We were flying a ridge with variable winds in central Brazil (summer here). Sometimes we all had to work to stay aloft and find thermals. The Sky Atis response to air is much more sensitive than my Compact - no surprise. That made it pretty easy to feel where the thermals were and I was able core in pretty well. This was my second flight on a modern wing so all the extra movement takes some getting used to. But considering the strength of the thermals I guess it was pretty stable. No collapses but didn't see anyone else have a collapse either. I also was able to take weak thermals from a low flight level and climb back up to 1800m.

Our prefered landing is on the opposite side of the ridge and some ways from the ridge. Compared to my Compact this was the first time I was able to arrive high above the landing area. I could have easily continued on a X-country flight but landed to have a late lunch with the kids. No trouble making a smooth landing but in zero wind the Sky Atis 2 was a little faster than my Compact.

Overall I was very happy with the performance. I don't have much to compare to but considering this flight and what my friends with more experience have said about it I would buy the Sky Atis 2 for me. I am just looking for something fun, pretty stable and an upgrade to allow me to make cross country flights.

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Flying the Atis
by: Sean Clancy

Sweet. Light direct controls easy launch. Gives you plenty of input yet you feel surprisingly secure! Flat thermaling turns yet cranks when you want it to!

And she's perty.

Good contribution
by: Tim P.

Thanks Kathleen for your substantial post which required very little editing! Others, particularly female pilots or wannabes, will appreciate it.

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